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Semiauto Research Stations to meet the massive needs of T1 research points.

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Madbro    542

Hello guys! (•ω•)


I just think about something that can boost researches on those T1 Research Points without building more research stations.

If you are talking about to get smart dupes, well, I’m telling you, if you are focusing too much on research, your colony dies.

And I need those smart (but not smartest) dupes to learn other stuff quickly rather than wasting them on research programmes.


As usual, I am putting a new building idea here:

Semiauto Research Station.


This research station is an upgraded version of the original research station, with ×2 research speed and relatively more power saving (it only consumes 180W power, compared to two normal research stations, 240W).

But it uptakes more space (3×3) and only scientist tier dupes can operate them, means, other dupes can’t.

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