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H doublons W to trade them for something else

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Nino123    88


I got some doublons that i would exchange for other stuff. For exemple, i have 3 red backpack, and i miss the green one, so if somebody have it in doublon too, maybe we can tarde!

Here's a list of items i own and the ones i want and a trade link. also, the idea is to trade fair, a common for a common, spiffy for spiffy...

I have :

-red buckled backpack

-blue backpack

-dainty coatdress


-steel-toed boots (dark brown ones)

-canadian boots

-green/black overall

-blue checkered trousers

-tan knee pants

-low heels

-red cardigan

-red ruscksack

-yellow suspension shirt

- beiges tweed waistcoat

--blue plais  skirt

-some commons shirts and gloves...


I want :

-quilted outerwear

-shearling coat

-night gown

-purple jammies (ensemble)

-white overall

-red and white silk loungewear

-pink silk robe

-yellow trenchcoat

-blue and grey sweaters

-brown tweed waistcoat

-brown lumberjack shirt

-fuzzy sleepers

- some chest skins or fur roll or anything else you wana trade (but not sure i got the equivalent to trade, so check before on my tarde link).


Thanks !

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