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PS4 Account Sharing (Chests and Skin packs)

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Regarding the new update, are the chests and skins shared on other accounts on the same playstation by activating buyer account as primary?

for example: when you buy DST its shared, ROG and Shipwrecked for DS its also shared.

what about the skins and chests? "account only" like some games currencies or shared?

(Sadly the dlcs arent available for purchase in my main account PSN)

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On 3/8/2019 at 9:19 PM, CharlesB said:

Skins and chests are limited to the account that earned or purchased them.

Thank you for the reply. Will the new characters be purchasable as DLC and therefore shareable? they probably wont be available in my account region PSN (UAE) for purchase as well. Can i expect chests to be available in the future in my store?

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