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FMOD fsb and fev files

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I want to change a sound(beefalo horn sound) by another, but 

1: I need to know what is its name(the beefalo horn sound location) in the game and

2: I need to create 2 files (fsb and fev) for the new sounds effect(done)

Edit + 3: I need to convert my mp3 sound effect into the fev or fsb files(done)

When I look how to open .fev or .fsb files on the internet it says it has to be opened with the FMOD designer but how do I even open them with it? Am I missing something?

Help :(

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As you are doing a sound swap I think you just need to remap the path used in game.


I see you already made your own fmod sound bank so the rest should be fairly easy.

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So I made everything and added the path to the files in the modmain.lua and when play the horn it makes no noises
Maybe i did something wrong with the Fmod software

i also added option for different sound option but it didnt seem to work:(I'm pretty sure i did something wrong here but i dont know what)
sound = (GetModConfigData("sound"))

if sound == 0 then
    RemapSoundEvent("dontstarve/common/horn_beefalo", "-dont know if i can be kicked for writing offencive thing-_REE_HORNf/fnree/fnree/fnree")
elseif sound == 1 then
    RemapSoundEvent("dontstarve/common/horn_beefalo", "REE_HORNf/REE/REE/REE")
elseif sound == 2 then
    RemapSoundEvent("dontstarve/common/horn_beefalo", "MLG_HORNf/airhorn/AHMLG/airhorn")


Horn costum noises.zip

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Wow that was quick. now it makes the normal horn sound unless i need to change the path for them in the assets part?

i created a folder for each sound to not make the sound folder too messy.
So i dont need to add the folder the fev and fbs are located in?
Would it be easier without folders to separate the sound

Nvm it work i forgot to add the "sound/" at the start of the path finding location(does that make sense?)

also will need to change something with the fmod folder cause it plays it continuously unless you leave the game

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If i try the version without settings(the version i sent) it doesnt make any noises
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I also managed to add options so that you can choose between the three sounds without changing it in the modmain.lua

edit:nevermind need to change it manually (realized that after restarting the game)

But the post is not about that so Thanks @IronHunter

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