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Problems with animation folders

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I recently started making my mod. I wanted add food in him, created .lua file and .tex file, .scml file too, made a folder with .xml files, but I had problems when I started making a folder with animation. Autopiler gave me an error that something is wrong in the folder with Mod Tools.(screenshot below)

I don't know what I did wrong, so I'm asking for help.

P.S. I have .png file, so I don't understand what the error is.


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The error clearly states you are missing a file named flowertea.png if you are doing what I am guessing you are doing.

You decompiled a file and just renamed the folders/symbols but didn't update the actual path/names in the spriter file.

You can open a spriter file in a text editor and manually change them to match your changes.

For extremely simple idle animations like food usually has I just usually make a clean slate spriter file and make all the paths/build/bank/pivots etc.

If you want more help: Has a lot of useful things you can do to fix a lot of generic problems.

But for future attaching your mod, can help a lot more than just error messages.

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