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  1. Nope, it still isn't showing, unfortunately Log is saying that "[00:09:51]: Could not find anim build FROMNUM" Maybe here's something wrong with the anim folder or the .scml file..? -. _^.
  2. Ok, i've upload my mods in this And oh, i would be really happy if you'll help me, dude...
  3. I noticed two bugs while I was playing with my friend in multi (My friend was the host of the server also): My custom item doesn't want to show (inventory pic and other animation pics), while my friend could see it When my friend tried to give me custom item, my game crashes with the error "[string "scripts/components/inventotyitem.lua"] :10: attempt to index field 'inventoryitem' (a nil value)" Just on a note: the string №10 in inventoryitem.lua is local function onowner(self, owner) self.inst.replica.inventoryitem:SetOwner(owner) end I just can't understand what's wrong... Maybe something wrong with animation folders in the first problem? But then what's wrong with the second one? I haven't seen any topics about that so i'm calling for help! Here's my mods, because ig maybe here's something wrong with all of them, uhuuuhhh
  4. So then, decided to make an update for my mods by adding recipe tabs Loaded the world with mods and here's a problem: Recipe tabs isn't character_only (the other players on server has that tab too), but when i'm trying to add character_only tag, like chtab = AddRecipeTab (STRINGS.NAMES.CHTAB, 998, "images/hud/chtab.xml", "chtab.tex", "chonlytag", nil, false) Then my recipe tab doesn't working at all I searched for mods where tabs are working normally and they is character_only, but scripts are totally same as mine! So i dunno what to do o^o I need help P.S.: Ah, i forgot to say. I have one mod that worked correctly with custom recipe tab and with character_only tag, but after update tab doesn't working. Maybe here's something with the game, or the scripts have changed?
  5. Ah, k, em... Maybe i should watch or read some tutorials abt this >з> Anyway, thx you, ig i understand my mistakes and i'll fix this somehow uзu
  6. Aaand is that means that here's a trouble w those variables? Then, what should i do w them?
  7. yeah, here's an ability to stop the time for the whole server, ig... and um...i'll just leave this screen here and the zip.file too
  8. I did one mod recently and i need to add an ability to stop the time(w hotkeys and stuff, yeah) I tried to find some scripts(from Sakuya Izayoi mod, for example) but all was in vain, bc i add those scripts in modmain.lua and stuff, but there's a problem like The game said that there's no "end" to close "if", but "end" WAS there and emmm...maybe y'all have some other scripts that works..? I'll be REALLY so pleased if ya have something like this