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  1. So then, decided to make an update for my mods by adding recipe tabs Loaded the world with mods and here's a problem: Recipe tabs isn't character_only (the other players on server has that tab too), but when i'm trying to add character_only tag, like chtab = AddRecipeTab (STRINGS.NAMES.CHTAB, 998, "images/hud/chtab.xml", "chtab.tex", "chonlytag", nil, false) Then my recipe tab doesn't working at all I searched for mods where tabs are working normally and they is character_only, but scripts are totally same as mine! So i dunno what to do o^o I need help P.S.: Ah, i forgot to say. I have one mod that worked correctly with custom recipe tab and with character_only tag, but after update tab doesn't working. Maybe here's something with the game, or the scripts have changed?
  2. Problem with Recipe icon

    Guesss i got that, so yeah, big thanks for your advices and help, dude! u-u <3
  3. Problem with Recipe icon

    Well... Here it is :^s Paul
  4. Problem with Recipe icon

    I've done that, but s t i l l . . . And yes, the .tex file is working. But ok, i reconvert .png to .tex again, updated .tex files, but how i said, here's this problem anyway.
  5. Problem with Recipe icon

    Eh, it still isn't working. Maybe i should add some variables or something? ^. _^.
  6. So, i decided to add an item to my character mod, but here's the problem. I dunno, what to do with recipe icon, bc i added the way to .xml and .tex files in AddRecipe function and stuff, but it still won't show. Maybe i'm just a little bit dummy, but i'll be very pleased, if someone will help. o~o Paul