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Why upper sieve reports pipe blocked each few seconds?

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I cannot figure out why in below setup the upper sieve each few seconds reports pipe blocked and stops sieving for a moment.

I put a bridge right before the upper resrvoir to merge packets from both sieves. Packets are coming as 5kg so should be merged without a problem.

Can somebody see what is wrong here? Thanks



I found reason of the problem - pipe before the bridge was too short. There must be at least one pipe segment more.

I rebuild it like below and now all works fine:


Sorry to bother.

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To fix the problem an additional segment of pipe is needed. Otherwise sieve will complain about pipe blocked if bridge is right after sieve output.

Now there is a pipe going vericaly from both sieves outputs and there is one bridge that merges packets from the sievies into 10kg packet and sends it rigth to the reservoir (second screenshot).

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18 minutes ago, nakomaru said:

You were using a bridge, but not to merge. You are using a T section to merge in both cases.

A bridge to merge looks like this:


You don't understand how bridges work.

What you did will give total priority for lower sieve and upper will never be working at all.

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