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Selective Sweep Command

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It would be extremely useful to have a way to set "filters" on the Sweep tool, so that one can issue a mass sweep order in an area to only target specific materials. A fairly common usecase would be when wanting to sweep a specific material from an area outside of the base, like ore, algae or slime, without issuing sweep commands for all the excavated rock, seeds and everything that may be lying on the floor.

There are currently no good ways of doing this. A solution would be to have an optional filter popup for the Sweep tool. The filter could be automatically set to whatever your current selection is: if you have a material selected, then the Sweep filter would be set to that, if you have a storage container selected, the Sweep filter is set to whatever the container is set to accept. 

You can read comments and suggestions about this in this reddit thread

Hopefully devs will read this and make note of it if they think it's valuable!



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Definetly would be useful. But it nees to be implemented properly so we don`t have to scroll through all the materials to find what we want. A sweep filter that allows us to target one thing on the ground and then only set sweep to the same type of things would be a nie way to make it work.

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