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Content-light (cheap) options to expand on the endgame play

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I'm trying to think what would be some easy ways for Klei to expand on the endgame playability for old worlds. Expecting them to add a ton of stuff at this point would be silly, but making some small tweaks could, perhaps, be an option?

1. The most obvious one would be allow the inter-DLC crafting recipes. This expands the Sandbox possibilies in a huge way. To avoid making it too easy AND too cluttered (from ideas folks posted in other topics):

- prototype must be made in the respective DLC

- crafting menu from another DLC is activated only when near Skyworthy/Seaworthy

2. Items/objects that require inter-DLC boss drops (from already existing bosses). It doesn't have to be anything code heavy, hell, make it decorative for all I care, like a trophy case. I think this would be a nice incentive to go around and play a hunter hunting down all the baddies. And that, obviously, gives the endgame more life and purpose :) Perhaps even encourage taking the bosses out several times.

3. A special pitchfork that allows to transplant all the turfs. That'd be so great for end-game sandboxing. So great. Lock it behind some bosses or whatever really (connect with #2 and make it the Completionist's Pitchfork that requires all the boss drops lol). I just think there comes a point in the game where turfs are not about difficulty but simply their colors and sounds. Let the endgame players shape the world the way they see fit without affecting any early or midgame game concepts.


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