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First Time Mod - [Couldn't find asset]

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Hey guys!
It's my first time making a mod and I feel a bit stuck, I have no idea what this means, and was following the video tutorial!
I autocompiled everything prior to launch, but it still says it can't find an asset.
I've also attached my work and client log below, if anyone could give it a lookie or at least give me guidance on how to make it work, that'd be amazing!

Thank you <3

I'm using this video guide: 




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You're using the version of the tutorial for DS characters. In DS you don't have avatar files.

Look in this folder: Jasmin.zip\Jasmin\extendedsamplecharacter-dontstarvetogether-master

This is the folder you're supposed to be editing. You can see this by looking at the modinfo.lua file. The one you've used has api_version = 6, and the other has api_version = 10.

NOTE: It's this folder ONLY. That folder is supposed to be your root folder for your character mod.

NOTE 2: You may be able to reuse a lot of the code you've done, if any, but you need to be careful. DST is somewhat different than DS. I would just start over with the DST folder as a base, to be sure.

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