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Community Standards Policy And Etiquette


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Community Standards Policy Welcome to the Klei Entertainment community! Before you jump into any discussions, we encourage you to read the Community Standards Policy below. This easy to read overview will help you get started on the right foot. Your feedback and comments help us make better games, so please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Community Standards Policy which outlines the basics of what's expected of you, and the others, within our community. Think of it as a companion guide to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Since this policy can't possibly cover every potential situation that may arise within our community, we'll do our best to update this as needed. If you're ever unsure about something, you can always ask a staff member! Also, you can simply apply some common sense to these 'golden rules' that pretty much cover everything in our policy.

  • Have fun!
  • Be respectful.
  • Don't be a jerk.
  • Stay on topic.
If violations of our Community Standards Policy are brought to our attention, we will investigate them on a case by case basis. The level of action taken against accounts found in violation of this policy will be at the sole discretion of Klei Entertainment staff and based on the severity of the occurrence, as well as history of the account(s) in question.

Failure to comply with community standards policies will make us very sad on the inside, but also may result in the suspension or termination of various game privileges up to or including the closure of the game account(s) in question. Read onward to prevent us from being stricken with deep sadness and getting your account smacked with a ban hammer.

Language: Users are expected to communicate in English while using our services and support. Services include things like our websites, social media pages, support systems, blogs and forums. We're an English based company, and as much as we'd love to help you in Swahili, Klingon or some other language, we work best in English. In the event that additional language services are deemed appropriate, these services will be made available when Klei Entertainment has the ability to offer support in these languages.

Obscenity: Foul language is not permitted in the Klei Entertainment Community or related services. Excessive use of foul language is not permitted and will be treated as a disruption to other players. This includes public and private discussion as well as user names or any other communication within community services controlled by Klei Entertainment. This also includes in-game player names, chats, and forums.

Disruption: Behavior that is deemed inflammatory, abusive or racist language (in any language), or discussions intended to disrupt players either individually or as a group (i.e. trolling) will not be permitted. This also includes all actions intended to harass, annoy or disrupt the enjoyment of other players.

Content: Content deemed to be not productive to conversations or relating to Klei Entertainment products, services or interests may be removed at the sole discretion of Klei Entertainment staff and moderators with or without notice.Posts on Klei Entertainment forums are to stay on topic and should contribute to the overall conversation. Posts made in off-topic areas also need contribute to the general conversation of the topic presented in the thread. Threads in the off-topic forum that spiral out of control will be closed. Open conversation threads are permitted in the off-topic forum, but may be closed if the crazy train jumps the tracks. "I'm quitting" threads are generally considered inflammatory and while the original post will be considered as feedback, the thread is generally not considered constructive.


Alternate Accounts: Alternate accounts are discouraged. Users found utilizing alternate accounts for any reason such as to disrupt or persuade opinions of others may have their accounts removed. 


Threats: Players are expected to not threaten others in any form. All threats of physical harm inside or outside of Klei Entertainment controlled services, real or inferred, will be treated as such and reported to the authorities as per internal policies of Klei Entertainment.

Harassment: Harassment is defined as any repeated action by one player or a group of players intended to routinely disrupt the experience of the game or services for others. Harassment can be defined many ways, and is not necessarily limited to the type of language used, but the intent. Repeatedly targeting a specific player with harassment can lead to more severe action taken.

Intolerance: Language, discussion or activity relating to intolerance of any kind is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to sexual orientation, religion, race, gender or other groups of individuals.

Legal: You may not violate any local, state, provincial, national or international laws or regulations. Any violation of the law will be reported to the appropriate authorities as directed by internal Klei Entertainment policy.

Out of network communication: Klei Entertainment is not responsible for communication between players outside of services under their control. If you choose to communicate with another player outside of our services, you do so at your own risk.

Hacking: Don't do it. This includes games, server, clients, accounts and community services. This topic is covered in greater detail within our Terms of Service, but this should be pretty self explanatory.

Exploitation: You may not exploit bugs within any game systems or community pages for your own benefit or for the benefit of any other individual. If a bug is found please report the issue in the appropriate support forum!

Impersonation: You may not falsely represent yourself as any other player or as a representative of Klei Entertainment, Facebook, Google, Twitter or any other service or organization while using community services controlled by Klei Entertainment.

Staff: You are expected to follow direction of Klei Entertainment staff while participating in the community or while using services controlled by them. This includes, but is not limited to forums social media pages (such as Facebook pages) maintained by Klei Entertainment. Staff will moderate the content of each of its services as outlined by Community Standards Policies.

Personal Information: Klei Entertainment takes great care in maintaining the security, privacy, and confidentiality of each community members personal info, including yours. That's why you may not communicate personal information about yourself or another player, including but not limited to; home address, phone number or any personally identifying information. Also, In some circumstances providing personal information online whether true or false may constitute a violation of the law in some regions. For the full scope of our commitment to you and your personal information you can revisit our complete Privacy Policy.

Advertising: Advertising is not permitted within Klei Entertainment's forums or other related services. This includes the promotion of websites, games or any other product or service.

Fraud: You will not provide false information to Klei Entertainment staff with the intention of benefiting from the result. This includes fabricating an issue in the hope of gaining items, experience points or in game currency. You must also not provide false information against another player in order to harm their account status. Basically, don't lie about stuff

Bypassing Disciplinary Action: Creating multiple accounts or any other activity intended to circumvent security or staff disciplinary actions is cause for account termination.

Enforcement: Klei Entertainment will make all reasonable efforts to ensure community standards information is made readily available to users of their services. The user is expected to follow and be aware of the Community Standards Policies at all times. Ignorance of the above policies will not be considered excusable defense for violation.

Note: The above guidelines are a Customer Service Policy and is in addition to the Code of Conduct as described in our complete Terms of Service. Sections in the above summary that describe user privacy and usage of personal information are meant as easy reference supplements to our full Privacy Policy.



Etiquette: General Guidelines


Stay on topic: Try to keep discussions and conversations on the subject at hand. If you feel that a conversation or thread has slid off-topic, feel free to start a new thread. Try to keep away from conversations about a topic being off-topic.


Communicate your message clearly: Using language, grammar, and tone that's easily understood by others will help avoid simple misunderstandings and generally help with productive conversation.


Keep it clean: Humour and jokes are essential to making connections with the community; just make sure that your jokes are inoffensive and isn't directed towards someone else. Also if you're writing fan-fiction, keep it PG-13, there are younger folk in the audience.


Be constructive and don't make it personal: You're certainly allowed to disagree with one another, in fact, we encourage debates. However disagreements get out of hand when personal attacks, profanity, or threats are thrown around. Keep the dialogue positive instead of letting it deteriorate into personal insults. Keep criticisms constructive and polite.


Keep arguments and personal issues private: If you're that angry about something someone said, take a break away from the forums. If you still feel that it's necessary to argue with someone, please do privately. Public arguments only cause hostility, distress, or discomfort for other community members. 


Report infractions or questionable contents in the forums: it helps us keep the forums clean and keep a positive atmosphere for our community. Let us know if you have an issue with a community member or content.


When you can, help out newcomers: The Klei community has always been great at accepting and helping out new members. Let's do our best to keep it this way.


Use the search function: Before posting a new thread, search the forum because your question or issue may have already been discussed or covered in a previous thread.


Give feedback: If someone gives you advice or helps you with an issue, let them know that they've helped and make an effort to help others if you can answer their questions too.


Take the high road: Trolls are people who will post negative or rude comments to get a rise out of the community. Ignoring these trolls simply stops their efforts to get attention for themselves.  


Take responsibility for what you post: If you wrote something that may have offended another, take responsibility, listen to their reasoning and work together to find common ground.

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