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Custom Beards unable to shave

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Hi, I have just followed the amazing step by step guide to make a shavable hair for my character. I have done a few changes to the code and the game shuts down every time I tried to shave.

My changes were:

1. Made all beard images in the exported file empty (the files are still there, I only erased the drawings in an image editing tool because I don't want that growing hair to be visible in the game)

2. I changed the loot from beard hair to one of my custom item named 'giornohair'. When the warning page shows up, I can see in the game that this 'giornohair' item is dropping.

This is the warning page (the yellow thing above my character is his blond hair 'giornohair')


These are the codes I got from the tutorial




And the tutorial I was following is this one



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As the error states, take a look at line 86 in beard.lua. When you assign a prize to the shaving, it spawns the prize-prefab, and assumes that it has a physics-component on it. Your prefab seems to be missing physics. Look at the "beardhair" prefab from the game, which is the normal shaving prize for Wilson.

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