Anyone running/playing on a distributed cluster?

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Hi all. My buddy and I are looking to add more shards to an existing cluster, and were hoping to split the workload - he is running Forest (master) and Caves, and I'm running (at this time) a single Third shard. Each of us have a NATted connection with public IPv4 at the router, with the dedicated server(s) running on an adjacent machine in each of our LANs. After setting up config files, and some worldmigrators in-game, I can properly travel in directions  F->C, C->F, F->T and T->F. The other client can do all but the last one (T->F).

Even so, I went through my client logs and noticed the game would only connect to the shard in the same LAN using NAT punch-through. I suspect he's not connecting because his router probably doesn't allow punchthrough?

@Klei: This is why we need IPv6 :wilsondisagreeable: Any news on that?

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