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Acid / Corrosive fluid

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Fairly simple idea.

We've got Chlorine and Sulphur which both have limited use... both of which make useful acids.

Acids are used in real world to manufacture all kinds of "advanced" things... so it would make a nice late game material to progress onto (thinking before space materials. maybe?).

Having to deal with corrosive materials would add another layer alongside heat to potential later game builds (later builds being things like the petroleum boiler setups, maybe allow something like that to make the acids or some products of it?). Metals wouldn't be available (or they take continuous damage?), so maybe glass or plastic pumps/walls (more use for these materials) etc. 


All kinds of "fun" to be had when it goes wrong and you get a hole chewed through your base :D

Having dupes melt because they get themselves stuck in a vat of acid offers some interesting animation options :D

If the devs put the mechanics in the modders can do plenty with it I'm sure :D:p 

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It maybe fun to have dupes run in acid but i`m thinking of some kind of chemistry lab. Sulfuric acid is one of the most important element in chemistry. How about using some sulfur to extract tungsten out of abyssalite. Also maybe more recipies would be added later but sulfur could be the main resource the station uses.

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