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People can't browse to my server, but can c_connect.

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I used to run dedicated servers all the time. When I die, I like to stay dead and start a new world, but I don't like to kick everyone else who's currently enjoying themselves. To accomplish this, I boot up a new set of servers (Overworld and Caves) each time I die, and then join that set of servers while leaving the old ones up.

This went fine for a long time, but that stopped working for totally unknown reasons ages ago. I dropped the game for a while, but am trying to pick it up again.

I can c_connect("", 10906, "Untitled") without any issues. I can see my server listed in the Server Browser. The shard and the master talk with each other just fine. Other people can c_connect if they type my IP instead of Other people can join off of Steam invites without using any console commands, too. That all works.

What doesn't work, is people (myself included) trying to join from the in-game browser. I get timeouts, and my consoles don't notify me of any attempted connections. I truly can't fathom why.

Here's a Pastebin. -- It contains the logs from one of the servers starting up.

I should mention that I sometimes have literally dozens of servers running at the same time, and that I play from the same computer that's hosting them. I know I set up some weird options to allow for this. For example, my Caves server.ini looks like this:

server_port = 10907

is_master = false
name = Caves
id = 424159

master_server_port = 12353
authentication_port = 12352

encode_user_path = true


Again, everything works totally fine with c_connect and Steam invites, and my server appears in the browser. For testing purposes, I've forwarded all ports to this PC. This is very clearly not an issue with my router's configuration; it's just nobody can use the Browser to join, and it's almost certainly something in the configuration files.

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myxal    314

My guess is, the issue has something to do with the message

Error string decoding Steam Net ID

I am curious how you're able to start a new set of shards on a whim - are you making sure they're using unique ports for clients, steam authentication, and master server port? Also, IIRC, 10906 port used in your example is not from the "official" range (10999-11018 IIRC).

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