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PID control and variable controllable valves

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As per above link, a control loop yeah.

Simply put, you give the controller an input ( e.g. temperature sensor) and set point (e.g. desired temperature). The PID will then output a variable (analog) signal to an actuator (e.g. variable valve). The size of the output signal is dependensant on the difference between the input and the setpoint (multiplied with a derivitave and integrator) in order to attempt to get the input closer to the setpoint.


Example might be to control the flow rate of a coolant in a tank heat exchanger. The input sensor is a temperature sensor in the tank and the actuator is a valve which can be automatically controlled from 0 to 1000 g/s. If the temperature sensor reads a value higher than the set point, the PID controlled will open up the valve to allow more coolant in the tank for increased heat exchange. As dT increases, the valve would open more, until dT decreases which would close the valve yo reduce the heat exchange.


Hope that makes sense?

It would make control asepcts so much easier in the game.


Currently the game only accomodates steady-state systems...worse still you need to go calculate the exact flow rate of coolant required to cool a system. You would also not be able to get the EXACT quantities required...therefore the small error will creep up later in the game to give you problems.


That brings me to another feature I would like to see in the game:


Flowrate counters. I would like to measure the total amount of gas or fluid which passed a certain point in a cycle.

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