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I would like to see microchips in the "logic" section of the game.
An element with several outputs (4, 6, 8, 10, 12), inside which it is possible to arrange several logical units with decoupling (for example, a board 64 * 64 cells).

P.S. Sorry. Google translator


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Sorry, I searched but did not see.
But even now I think that the idea with the chip is completely different.
A microchip, or a microcircuit is only a platform with conclusions, and what will be inside is decided by the player and not otherwise.
Standard "xor,and.or,not" enough to program all kinds of switches themselves, etc.

Thank you for understanding.

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On 2/7/2019 at 3:21 AM, Sasza22 said:

There it is.

From my limited understading it`s a gate that houses a program inside.


This gate is capable of variables and logic gates. I'm also working on an upgraded version... 

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