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Additional recreation idea – Booze.

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I often wondered why dupes eat but never drink?. Booze could be introduced into the game.

A new recreation building "The Bar" can be added, being a dispenser of ....

Pincha spirits, Bristle Wine and Sleet Ale.  For the tea totaling dupe you could have dupa-cola made from slime.

Additional refining equipment would be required, such as a brewery, distillery, winery and drink factory.

Dupes can have a moral buff from the socializing but care needs to be taken, if dupes get too drunk they get a hangover de-buff the next day or if they go on a complete bender it can set off their stress reactions , vomiting, crying, sleeping or destruction. Destructive dupes could even start bar room brawls, leading to injured dupes spending time in the medical room.





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