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Upgradable AETN with Databanks

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One of the constant debates there has been for this game, is to remove some of the most obvious heat exploits, like revamping the Steam Turbine, the Water Sieve, and some other heat deletion exploits. But if we were to just remove these methods, we will be short on lategame heat deletion to sustain a base, other than constantly picking up Wheezewort seeds from space.

Thats why we should get a compensation if they were to do that. Lets take Data Banks and give them another lategame use to be able to upgrade the AETN's efficiency a few times. 

With Databanks you can choose to "Start an AETN upgrading project", which will make it ask for a said amount of Data Banks in order to upgrade it, that procedually increases the each time you upgrade it. It should be a very large amount you need, to add another lategame project to make a databank industry.

I can not say on the exact details and numbers on how much it costs/improves, but the AETN should at some point be enough to compensate for some of the heat deletion exploits we lost, perhaps the AETN's can literally be upgraded infinitely, but the cost is at a large curve.

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