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Is there a function that activates when a player joins a server?

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A glitch is happening within a mod that I am tweaking around with. in said mod, a structure built on top of a lake, is harvestable after a short period of time. The glitch that I am referring to is that when a player leaves a server and comes back, the graphic that is shown to signify that said structure is harvestable, is gone. Does anybody know of a function that activates when a player joins a server, so I can make it so that upon joining the server, the mod can check whether or not the structure is harvestable, and re-enable the graphic as a result. I have tried to use "Onload" to fix this problem as follows: If you know a better way to implement what I am trying to do here, tell me please.

But nothing happens, the structure still shows to be empty when it is harvestable. 

tl;dr: What is a function that activates when a player joins the game, or alternatively what is a better way to implement what is shown in the picture?

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1 hour ago, YakumoYukari said:

If the issue is like that, probably the ultimate solution is not the way like this.
But there's an event that activates every time someone joins.

inst:ListenForEvent("ms_playerjoined", somefunc, TheWorld)

So, Like this? 


EDIT: I tried to use this as depicted, but the game seems to want me to put a name next to the ms_playerjoined, somehow.

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It would help if you posted the mod or more data.

AnimState should propagate correctly to clients when changing (using "Show").


As an example, here's the correct usage:

-- prefab file

local function PlayerFix(inst)
    if not inst:HasTag("depleted") then

local function fn()
    local inst = CreateEntity()

    -- ...

    -- here
    inst:ListenForEvent("ms_playerjoined", function(world, player) PlayerFix(inst) end, TheWorld)

    -- ...


    if not TheWorld.ismastersim then
        return inst

    -- ...

    return inst


More interesting would be to see the extractor prefab. It's probably missing a AddNetwork that would solve this without hassle.

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