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Single Dupe Colony

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Agreed - I notice that as well.

1 hour ago, impyre said:

Passive mastery gains...

Performance mastery gains ...

If this were true for all jobs, there'd be absolutely no reason to specialize your dupes... since at the moment the *only* benefit of specializing is faster mastery. The benefit of *not* specializing is that all of your dupes can perform all tasks, so you don't have to worry about your entire colony going under if your farmer dies.

Their learning skill also effects this leveling speed - or doesn't it after you ran your test? Have you tried a slow learner vs someone with high learning? I think i make a moot point though.

Actually, it seems more like the only benefits to the jobs are the bonuses and capabilities permanently added to their resume. without specializing, your dupes can't work certain machines or even build them in some situations. "If this were true for all jobs, ..." then the aforementioned bonuses would be the benefit of specializing, and not all the other fluff associated with mastery gains while in progress. It's already silly enough that the dupes get an instant ability and bonuses when they're in a job role - in fact, it's asinine as I pointed out a long time ago in a thread far far away - but I digress, this was a point of much contention during the testing of an update that was partially scrapped and then reworked into what we have today.

I think we can both agree that a cook should gain mastery over time - and that effective bonus should do something, but as I pointed out, it doesn't appear that cooking on the grill gets any faster, because the item being cooked can get cooked any faster ( using logic ).So, I propose a compromise to this here..


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As of right now learning doesn't affect how fast you master the cooking job. That's because even if you *could* cook faster, cooking doesn't increase cooking mastery.

I feel like it's also important to point out that this whole time (up until now that is) I've been talking about job mastery. Though I think you caught on to that at some point.

Skill affects how well you perform a task (in various ways) while job mastery is what happens when your job gets to 100% mastery. This usually confers a bonus of some kind (usually a skill bonus, but sometimes a boost to other attributes), and is a prerequisite before that dupe can take a job in the next tier.

I think (but i'm not sure) the cooking skill does decrease the amount of time it takes to cook on the grill, but I think it's very slight. It used to be 10% faster cooking, but by the time you hit 20 cooking skill cooks could feed a veritable army in no time. Every cook was essentially a part-time cook.

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On 1/29/2019 at 5:05 AM, The Plum Gate said:

Is it not reasonable to assume that cooking something requires a fixed about of time? 

My more experienced dupes with high cooking run the musher faster, but not the grill.

This is where I stand on the issue.


8 minutes ago, impyre said:

Though I think you caught on to that at some point.

I did, I agree there's something wrong with cooking - and to put it bluntly, this tangent we've gone off on as a result of my reply has nothing to do with the original post. So I'm going to refrain from taking it any further.

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