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I suck at coding, pls help.

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Since this mods doesnt get updated I was trying to update TMI+ to have the new Hamlet items and to be able to change the season, but since I barely know programming I don't know if what I did works at all.

I searched for the ID's of the items and created a list with all them. Plus modified some other lua files to try being able to change the season.

Here are the modified files.

TMI+ Hamlet.rar

I modified:

\TMI+ Hamlet\scripts\itemlist.lua
\TMI+ Hamlet\scripts\widgets\TooManyItems.lua

And created the file:

\TMI+ Hamlet\scripts\itemlistDLC3.lua (this contains the new Hamlet items + SW ones) 

As for the DLC's names: RoG = REIGN_OF_GIANTS, SW = CAPY_DLC and for Hamlet = ? (I think this was the main reason its failing)
I've tried with PIGLAND or HAMLET and still the variable is not declared.

I'm new ok, sorry if I made a Catastrophical Error xD

This is what I get when I activate it and see the log.txt


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