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[Solved] accusing bracket error but i 'don't see' what to fix in the faulty line -seems normal-

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hi there~ 

i hope someone can shed some light in this matter

it's a simple error, i understand that.... it literally SAYS Where the error is.... and What is the error, but............
seriously, the line it's pointing to, looks JUST the same as all the other lines. each one has both brackets like the image, just the same as the accused line. tbh i didn't touch the brackets, nor the other lines in the file that look the same [didn't delete, overwrite, replaced nor anything]
i've isolated the crash screen and the line on modmain, i hope it sums up the error because seriously '-' i couldn't find the 'missing bracket' in the entire file even in the line pointed out in the error 

i really don't know what i've overlooked in such a seemingly 'simple' error. '-' 



-another edit -i've searched the crash xD and ended up finding a couple forums about other programs, codes, stuff like this with similar errors about brackets but not DST related the only one i've found about dst is about a REALLY missing bracket, but as seen in the screenshot above, mine is not missing '-' so idk what could be-

--i realise the 'cutstones<plural> and the board<singular> are swapped  added the s in the wrong one haha i've fixed this already the screenshot was taken a while ago, the thing it's still pointing to the brackets in the line 175 idk why xD HAHAHA omg i'm going insaane--

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-clarifying a mistyped word in the screenshot-
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Thank u so much for the help xD i was so fixated in the ''brackets'' thing that i overlooked that little comma hahahaha omg

no crash anymore, thanks \o

*xD just trying to deal with the walls disapearing when placed on the ground but that's another issue HAHAHAHHA at least the other crash is fixed xD KKKKKK*

---sorry for the late reply btw, only now i was able to test it out---

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