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sooo. im working as a marine engineering, and this game has MANY elements i can use from school in practice. general physics, management and issue solving. but! i have a few issues that not possible in the real world or out right lacking. here is a few of them.

compressing liquids?

compressing of gas and no change in temperature/state?

pumps in series/parallel for a better control of pressure/volume as well for unlimited lift hight?

exploit that causes to make infinity machines?

density..... oh my density.... when you want to sort out gasses you need to know the density from experience in this game. could we not have it displayed in the technical pages for elements.

wires that has a wattage system where it counts the used power. no peak power, no reactive power? does over stressing wires cause heat in the first place? not quite sure. fuses? auto relay? resistance with different materials

gas dynamics.... an overlay of pressure and direction of gas flow... aswell a great improvement of gas flow is needed. can have a change of 5 kg/tile to 300g/tile in very short proxy. thats not realistic...

electrolyzing making 8 time as much oxygen than hydrogen? wut? should be the other way around. 2 hydrogen for 1 oxygen. but fine! dups use ALOT of oxygen for sure x'D

extraction of water from soil?

acid/base scale for different reaction? 

sure, as for now the game runs like a potato when you get 800+ cycles in. so having further true world facts simulated might be a tall order. but it's only a few ideas. i get it. make a game that most people can play is also a thing! :) no need to make it over complicated. but being in the studies that i do. these things really stand out.

but regardless. this is one of the only game that is so good i don't care if the game crash. i start it right up and keep playing. thats something different that i do to other games.... you are on to something awesome for sure!

i'm about 150+ hours in so far. and i have so many ideas it's hard to write down them all in one thread. i know you also have your wishes for the game. and i respect that. and if i have to chose just one above. plz let us work with compressions of gas to change stages of gas into fluid by compressing it, as well for temperature control so we can make refrigerators?!

hope i don't sound to salty about whats real or not. but it just seems you are sooo close to have it home. and changing some aspect of the real world is fine. just so we get the math right from the real world. that would be soooo awesome. and i would start sharing this game to my friends and loved once. so they can get a feel of the real world. simulated. yet again. we need it simple enough so everyone can play... tall order... i totally see the dilemma... idk. a setting to make this already hard game insanely hard? with more true physics from the real world. imagine playing oxygen not included. with the math that could solve the issue of colonizing other planets?!

life is hard, so should our games! :D 

Drief OUT! <3

ps. klei! you are awesome!

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8 hours ago, Drief said:

electrolyzing making 8 time as much oxygen than hydrogen? wut? should be the other way around. 2 hydrogen for 1 oxygen. but fine! dups use ALOT of oxygen for sure x'D

I guess you are good at physics but not as much in chemistry. 1 oxygen atom has the same mass as 16 hydrogen atoms. Splitting water into atoms creates oxygen and hydrogen in exactly 8 to 1 mass ratio. This is one of the most accurate chemical reactions in the game. The power it uses is a completely different story though. You can power the electrolizer by burning the created hydrogen which is pretty silly.

8 hours ago, Drief said:

compressing of gas and no change in temperature/state?

This is being brought up a lot. i keep saying that the game is using simpilfied physics so it`s easier to understand and looks realistic. It`s also easier to manage this way. Imagine if phase transition temperatures are all over the place and you are trying to make a crude oil boiler for example. I think it`s better that way but i agree it`s not fully realistic. Some things i wish were closer to real life but i think the game is already pretty amazing in the amount of stuff it simulates. I can live with a few weirdness hiccups along the way.

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