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Im newbie in the game and didnt find anything to write. I play in weekend, so, all the times I lose what i need to do between the playtroght. Isnt good to the game to have something like a paper and pencil ( something craftable like with coal and wood or papyros?)? 

I didnt find any mods too

ps - That thing would be nice to to recognize the mushrooms, i allways forget what some colors do

ps2 - sorry for my english, im not an english speaker

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You're saying you want something in the game to write down notes with? There isn't anything. But you could make notes on a real piece of paper, or on a word processing document on your computer, or on a note-writing app on your smartphone if you have one, to keep track of things you want to remember. There is also a lot of information on how every aspect of the game works on the Don't Starve wikia, including what each of the mushrooms do, both when they are raw and when they are cooked (since this changes how they behave significantly).

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