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[Suggestion]Make it possible to build a safe rocket silo

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Currently there is no way to build a rocket silo that is absolutely safe.

When rocket comes back during meteor shower,players would have to open the bunker gates,which allows meteors to come in.So every structure in the silo must be protected by bunker.So bunker gates is actually useless for such a silo,cause it cannot protect anything forever.

What's more,the silo bunker doors were supposed to controled by auto signal from scanners,yet the signal may not be send in time during meteror shower,when the scanners themselves are protected by bunker doors.

It appears that we'll have to forget doors or scanners.The silo must be opened forever,with its every inner structures protected by permanent bunker tiles.

However it is impossible to protect gantries well :bunker tiles cannot protect their flank,or they would stop the rocket from launching.Thus the gantries are not absolutely safe.

Seems that gantries are also unavailble for a permanent safe silo.No bunker door,no scanner,no gantry,we have to make astronauts enter rockets by jet suit.

It was possible in version SU,but not anymore in QoL1,cause gantries are now necessary for rockets.Astros cannot leave rockets without it.

For now,an absolutely rocket seems don't exist.My dupes have been busy repairing tiles,gantries,ladders or bunker doors.


Maybe gantries should be invincible as well?After all they are also made of steel.

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I used sileos that are open for the entire mission before. As for now most of the infrastructure doesn`t take meteor damage. Pipes, wires, conveyors will show meteor damage when a meteor is passing by but won`t actually take any (i think it`s intended as it used to take damage early in the rocketry upgrade). Gantries also don`t take any damage from meteor hits but will overheat from hot regolith. I found that building bunker tiles straight above the solid part of the gantry fixes that problem. Only thing you need is bunker tiles below the rocket (the rocket iself doesn`t take meteor damage as well).

As for rocket detection there was some testing done. It appears that you can have a scanner detect the rocket in time 100% off the time even when under bunker doors if you are lucky (if you aren`t it will always detect too late when bunker doors are closed).

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If I were an astronaut, I would not want to land my rocket during a meteor shower. I would simply stay in orbit until it passes and then land latter.

So a simple solution would be to not have rockets land a specific time after they took off. Instead we prepare the landing site and give the rocket clearance to land.

I have not actually played with the rockets, but there are three ways that this could work:

1) Use the same automation signal that is sent to the command capsule to launch the rocket to land it. Ie, place the signal in standby and the rocket lands (assuming the time has elapsed tocomplete its mission).

2) Add an input port to the scanners to send an automation signal to the rocket.

3) Add a manual “Land” button in the star map.

Yes, a player could leave the rocket in orbit forever, but why would you want to do that?

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