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Reseach Screen - Question to developers

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Hi guys,

I Love the game. So much so that I wanted to take it with me while I'm on the road on my little netbook. So, since the thing has only 2gb of ram and a atom processor. It does not fall into the minimum specs.

Being a stubborn ****head that I am, I extended the swap to cover the missing ram. And PRESTO we have a running game. The load times are a bit slow and it gets a freeze when moving around the map, but it's definitely playable. at least at the start.

Now the big question. Whenever I enter the research screen the game just drops to 0.1fps, why would that be? I mean the graphics for the page loads, if I spend enough time I can even select a focus and get back to the game.

My best guess at this point is that the integrated GPU can't handle the page, but it's hard to test. I'll update this post or drop a reply when I have the time to run it.

Thanks for your time and keep up the great work guys.

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Nope, the GPU can handle everything in the game. Its nearly nothing to do there. An old AGP-GPU would run just fine.

The problem here ist your Atom-CPU. Its not nearly enough powerful to run the game in a good fashion.

ONI is mostly (except the piping stuff) single-core game. And the single-core performance of an atom is, to be polite, bad als hell. I dont know what generation your atom is, but until recent ones, they where in order processors, unlike everything else, what makes them slow as no comparison.

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well I've done some testing. looks like a memory speed bottleneck. since I keep a bigger half of the game memory on a ssd it can't have access to everything it needs at a decent speed. The cpu gets utilized to 60% max, on all cores but the graphics can't keep up with reading the "memory"

I think I could run a little sandbox workshop on 3gb though. 4gb memory is a myth I tell ya!

That being said think of a possibility of compiling oni to a mobile os XD

it would require a mobile interface but i'd say bigger icons should do most of the job..


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