30+ Max Hunger Buff for Belt of Hunger

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With this idea in mind, the underappreciated Belt of Hunger would have the same maximum-stat boost functionality as the high-end thulecite armors from the Forge, only accounting for hunger instead of health. I argue that although backpacks would still remain the prime choice for the chest slot, it would have the novel benefit of, for instance, allowing Wigfrid to fully take advantage of a meaty stew, allowing Wes to more easily compete with other characters in the stomach department, Give Wolfgang an even larger "Mighty" buffer, and just a general stat buff for everybody else. Of course, the passive hunger drain reduction would still come into full play.

A necessary secondary power, if I were to say. While coming to think of it, I think the Hibearnation Vest should also have a milder version with 10 points of hunger.

So, whadda you folks think? Interesting premise? Potential for balancing issues, or have a bone to pick with my arbitrary numbers? I'd like to hear it.

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