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Question concerning Pig friends turning agaisnt us

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I was having 6 pig followers, and one of them turned into a werepig. So i tried killing him but suddenly all the other followers became agressive agaisnt me and i couldnt kill them, because my character was still saying "is friend"Is that a bug, is that gonna be fixed?I had a pretty decent base, and i was killing lots of spiders and stuff since the last couple in-game days.. I was like day 116 and it was my best run to date :(Was a nice run though!

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thx for that, i didnt think about doing it right away, because i had 5 pigs running after me, night was coming, my bag was on the ground, i had no hp, and i couldnt outrun them enough to at least be able to eat one meatballs, and get my bag and make a torch...even though im sad that i lost this world, it was a big adrenaline rush lolI cant believe i already played over 80hrs in 2 months. Such an awesome game!

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