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Small rework for production autopriority

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Helo guys. And sorry for my poor English as always.
I just saw new update and i like that you finally add possibility to a do different type of food in one production building and same possibility to others productions with different choices.
But you could do it better.
By now it does productions by letter (abc) priority if all materials are present.
For example. If we have mushrooms, bristle berry, meat and pincha pepper. And we start adding food production, in any order. Fried mushrooms, gristle berry, barbeque. That would be always: 1. Barbeque 2. Fried mushrooms 3. Gristle beerry.
Same for other production buildings.
What's problem?
If you feed someone by only one type of food and all foods in production ordered on unlimited that one type of food could be never cooked.
How to fix.
Add priorities at left side of the list. So dupes would do production by number priority if you had all needed materials and no needed to cancel production task.

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