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  1. Hi. Sometimes when i'm press "Alt+tab" while playing, especially at games loading (doesn't matter menu, or a cycle), it completely breaks any hot keys in the game. You can't stop\run the time "Space", can't use "Esc" to load menu, etc... You could use only mouse.
  2. I have same problems with my dupe. And he is cook too. Every cycle he fall in the loop somewhere. Here's the save file on loop moment so mb developers could found that quicker. Fortress.sav
  3. Hm. For me it's simple. 1. Dig a room 5x5 with 2 tiles vertical coridor under the base, better if high difference before room less than 20. 2. Research advanced research, than farming. 3. Build ATs inside. 4. Research decontamination 5. Build deodorizers on mesh tiles above ATs 6. Enjoy your almost free and true endless O2 with 25-27 degree temperature (doesn't matter how much was water) which could cause popped ear drums after 50-70 cycles. 7. Destroy 3 ATs or all if needed after 50-70 cycles but don't sweep water. P.s. Do not fill the room with infected water while ATs active.
  4. I just tried to build a big farm from coridors around base to use animals also as decor in rooms. But since doors work as intended, I'll find another way. Thank you.=)
  5. If you build a liquid or gas reservoir connect pipes to it, and after that destroy the foundation reservoir still would work. Should it be like that?
  6. When you have a mixture of gases in your gas tank, as an example of PO2 + O2, which is infected with slimelung O2, it will be cleared of microbes, while PO2 continues to multiply. Should not the internal mechanics of the reservoir work as a gas mechanic in the world?
  7. Read one more time. I'm talking about Bottled Polluted Water in specific situation that makes game so unbalanced that you don't needed most of the researches to survive right from the start of the game. Not about a polluted water in world.
  8. Every Word link to index from Pacu eggs or Pacu critters of any type didn't work. In "egg chances"
  9. v285039 and all previous versions. As i said Bottled Polluted water emmits Pollyted oxygen. So you could think what's the problem... The problem here is not only in the logic of course. I personally do not understand how the duplicates fill plastic bottles, although plastic is not yet open.=) So. You could build a 3 algae terrariums at the bottom of your base almost at the start of the game. Quickly did research of O2 Deodorizer and you would have almost endless oxygen generation while you have a water and sand for any number of dupes. Cause every bottle would emit PO2 that Deodorizer would change to O2 with 90% efficiency. AT gives us already 40g/s|44g/s of O2 + 10g/s PO2 from every 349 PW Bottle. Not much right? No! It gives 1400% efficiency. As you could see on shot i have 4 terrariums for the 5 dupes and all my base in 2.5k O2 where it needed.And yes i even didn't used algae distiller ever. To be honest. I could remove 3 of them and my base still would be at current pressure cause i already had around 5-7kk of PW in bottles near deodorizers that would emit PO2 and change it to O2. Even if all the oxygen is pumped out of the base. Accumulated bottled water is enough to return the pressure to normal within half a cycle. My record of this system is 410 cycles, 9 dupes with 1 AT and full asteroid clearance without any O2 automation. Could be more than 410 but i was tired to continue. And you could build it in 5 cycles from start of the game. Also you could store endless volume of PW in a bottles at 1 tile if your terraium is under clear water
  10. Hatches could walk on the horizontal doors in the open state. As you could see on screen hatch freely moves on the surface of the open door. Although the difference in height between blocks of 3 cells
  11. From time to time my duplicates ignore their professional duties to do someone else's work that has a lower priority in their worksheet. Particularly in this way cooks prefer to build objects with priority 9 or wear a slime with priority 7 instead of cooking with priority 9 and the highest priority among their works. Funny but it's the main reason my colonies died. Attached a save file in which cook prefer to build and mop instead of doing dinner when other colonists are starving. Directly under the printer=) The Sticky Rat's Nest.sav
  12. v284634 Some inks sends to other and wrong objects. Ventilation: Gas pipe ES -> to Gaseous Sensor in automation. Mini gas pump -> to Gas pump P.s. Didn't checked others main links. P.p.s. Also many of the buildings didn't have Overheat temperature information in Index.
  13. First time i met this. I have slimelung in the vacuum on the world seed: 1137827095
  14. Guys it's not a bug but. Could you add a possibility to actually build items from pure metals that was builded from Ores. And feed smooth hatches something different then Ores. Cause if you grown them, and all other hatches already died soon you would be in situation when you didn't have any Ores only pure metals. And when you couldn't continue to feed hatches. It really needs to rebalance. And after 300-400 cycles you have only pure metals, even if you discovered eny vulcano and buried in space so you couldn't build that stuff: - Airflow/Mesh tiles - Any doors except bunker. - Any industrial machinery - Kitchen and Bath stuff - Any standart pumps - Radiant gas pipes - Fire pole - lamps etc. Almost everything what was build from ores. And also in this situation you couldn't fix that stuff and craft atmosuits. Also could we have a possibilty to buil ladders from metals?