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(Translated into Google)

The current mass and temperature sensors operate when they are above or below a certain value, and the smart battery turns off the signal when the stored power rises above a certain range and turns on the signal when the power falls below the range.

 What I want is that the mass sensor, the temperature sensor, and the smart battery all operate when they are all above or below a certain value. And later, when the memories from the research list have been developed, they are upgraded and all three things work like the current smart battery.

In addition, a semiconductor research is added on the memory research in the tech tree, and it is thought that it should be possible to design a circuit for the inside of the circuit so that the circuit can be designed and the circuit can be used in a smaller size. (Such as IC)
Or it would be nice to have a design repository so you can immediately replace the designed circuit.

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19 minutes ago, cpy said:

논리 게이트로 할 수 있습니다.

It knows. But
Before the memory was created, we could make it function as a memory with other gates. However, the memory has made it easier to create smaller circuits.

I am talking about the extension of it.

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