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This is my first time posting here on the Klei forums, so sorry in advance if this has been suggested before.
I find myself needing an automateable (?) way of moving a duplicant to a specific position. Once the position is reached, the dupe would stay in that spot until the automation is switched off or they have to go eat or potty or something. Another possibility would be to set dupe reaction to the lure individually, using the same mechanics as door passage privileges.

This could be a signpost with a loudspeaker and a red lamp or another design like this. The idea is that it's some kind of alarm or alert that attracts nearby dupes.

I can find many uses for this, but the most obvious to me is to move dupes out of the way of periodically erupting vents and volcanoes, or to daisy chain the lures and switch them on and off somehow to control the path a dupe takes from A to B.

Maybe this is already achievable somehow, but if not, I think it would be a cool addition.

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