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Question about the new mod loader feature in next update


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[MENTION=2]Bigfoot[/MENTION] / [MENTION=8]Kevin[/MENTION]I know I should just wait and see but....and these are technical questions that are hard to ask properly since I have slept since coming up with an override mechanism for this :biggrin-new: ....Will the new mod loading mechanism allow us to pre-process the stategraph definitions prior to the stategraph constructor so we can add/change the states, events, actionhandlers etc prior to its construction?Also, will we be able to do the same for the prefab definitions as well as post-process the prefab instances prior to returning them to the original caller?Essentially, I am interested in a mechanism to keep everyone from having to replace all of the prefab files and possibly stategraphs just to "tweak" a given prefab instance's capabilities.Thanks!P.S. i.e. I want/need hooks to change the world!!! :ugeek:

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