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Don't Starve Story - Written by Retro

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Here is a Don't Starve Story i written.Enjoy!Day OneMy name is Higgsbury, Wilson Pirate Higgsbury, i live on a devilish island, and i must say, i am a Gentleman! Not just a regular Gentleman, A Scientist! That is a Gentleman. You will soon see my story...I woke up having no idea where i was or what happened, there stood a man by the name of Maxwell, god i hate that guy, he supposedly dumped me here in this wilderness, his words were: "Say pal you don't look so good, you better find something to eat before night comes.' Jerkish words! Then he disappeared and i never seen him again. I carefully got up and looked around, seemed like a normal place...So quickly i reacted and gathered materials like, grass, twigs, flint, and of course food. I thought to myself "I'm gonna need logs for a fire... So with the power of my MIND, i made a Axe made out of Twigs and flint, time to get to chopping! I gathered 20 Logs, 40 Grass and Twigs, and as much food as i can. I realized that the food will soon be rotten, but, i could do nothing about it. Soon it became Dusk, i made a fire so i wouldn't be cold or in pitch blackness. "Nice and comfy." I said warm and cozy, then i realized i needed to cook my food, then it would taste better and be more fresh! "Now, where did i put my morsels?" *Looks in Quickbar* "Oh, there it is!" And so i enjoyeda belly full of Morsels and other food, and slept the night...What will happen next?!To be continued..........Day Two"Ugh, my head." I said holding my head, it was the morning of Day 2, i needed to explore my surroundings. I came across a fancy House, i peeked in and everything looked Pig-Shaped, then i heard a snort. "UGLY MONKEY MAN! Y U NO PIG!?!" "Dear god!" I yelled! And then i fell to the ground. when i woke up, there was a bunch of pigs saying "HA! UGLY MONKEY MAN! XD" I had a feeling right away that these guys were not intelligent, there was one way to find out. I asked it... "What's 1+1?" He said "69" "Incorrect...." I said and sighed, i decided to spend the night at the village. It was night time and i gave the pigs some meat, now they are part of my entourage! "U FRIEND" They said happily. "Oh! Look a pretty full moon!" I said as a Full Moon came out. "So piggi- AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" "W-w-w-WEREPIGS!" "AHH!" I yelled running with a torch, it was morning, the piggies fell asleep... "This will teach them! Mwahaha!" I said as i get out an Axe. The pigs were dead, and i had food, it was a strange day indeed...To be continued........

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