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Herald spawning kinda broken

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So I just encountered my first herald, it was pretty awesome and a really unique fight, however it seems a bit anticlimactic. 


It doesn't drop anything. Now I don't know if that's because there is a chance for it to drop something and not guaranteed, and I understand why it wouldn't because it seems to spawn very often. If anyone gets anything as a drop please note it here as I would like to know.

But after defeating my first herald I ran home for some healing. I spent a bit in my house, probably a quarter of a day, and right as I'm about to leave a herald spawns in my house. It's way to big and I cant seem to click the door and he does his fire attack burning all my ****. Needless to say I alt+f4'ed. From the looks of it the herald seems to spawn too often and also has problems with not spawning in houses. I understand it's barely hours after the aporkalypse release, but I just want to take note of the issue.

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I was gonna start a topic on defeating herald!!! But I will comment it here.





I played with my old world which it's Day 223 and it went into aporkalypse right after my world turns into red. And finally can use the 4 Cowl hat I crafted a long time ago and lots of blowdart I collected from the ruins.  Just about Herald only has 106 HP, he spawn a wave of 8 pig ancient spirits and 4 Terrorbreak+ 3 Crawling Horror....after taking care of that annnnnnnd......Herald drops nothing!!!! :confused::confused::confused: 

(Btw, not sure if there's a difference between the spawning area: when Herald spawn in city, he summons a wave of frog + Terrorbreak + Crawling Horror, and Iron Hulk moves towards the character aggressively. The screenshot is Herald spawning from the fountain of youth)

Not sure if it's an old world setting but...still kinda feel like wasted lots of darts.

Oh well, just give Klei sometime. I mean, endless dark is still very cool and some new features are added to the update.

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