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  1. I have a day 600 SW/ROG world with Wx-78 and after coming back from ROG, My game crashed and displayed this: Also, when I verify cache and select geometric placement this shows up. I am not able to do anything ie: console, move,or use items. Please if anyone knows the solution to this problem help me. I have tried everything, verifying cache, uninstalling, deleting all mods, unsubscribing mods, nothing has worked, the closest I have gotten to playing my save is the picture below and I cant even play.
  2. I just recently built a seaworthy in ROG around day 140 (I am not the best at the game so this is the first time I built one) and after I found the seaworthy in SW I went back to ROG. The moment the world loaded I was greeted with the sound of a hound attack and the voice queue of my character. That has happened every time I jump worlds. After getting my base in SW set up I heard the sealnado approaching, I was very excited because I have never fought it but I knew how to effectively kite it from watching numerous videos. The problem was that I had a 22% spear and my dark sword was in ROG, so I rushed to get to ROG before it spawned. As always the hound attack sound played as I entered ROG and I quickly rushed to grab my dark sword and leave. When I got into SW the sealnado immediately spawned I kited it for a bit (forgetting armor) and then the hounds spawned. The sealnado did its sucking in attack as the hounds spawned and while trying to kite the hounds I forgot to run really far away, then I got sucked in and died. I had no resurrection things in SW so I revived in ROG I went back to SW to see the sealnado leaving with my things, that was the least of my worries. I rushed to grab my cane and Krampus sack as the sealnado flew away with some of my clothing and tools. The hounds ended up killing me twice and the second time I lost my world. I died the second time traveling back to ROG and Died in the transition animation. The two bugs that caused me to fail horribly are, Hounds attacks commencing every world transition, and being attacked while in the seaworthy animation. I hope these bugs get acknowledged and fixed in a patch. These bugs might have happened to other players, but I am not sure.