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Salad-Rose: The crop with tight growing conditions

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As some may know, all the way back in Agricultural Upgrade, there were "Growth-tiers" for growing conditions. Depending on how accurate it got, the better harvests you got. This was removed, however, by only having one sort of requirement to keep a crop from withering.

So the 'niches' each plant fills so far is: Cheap but ugly Mealwood, Bristleblossom needing sufficiently temperate water, Sleetwheat that is cold and fulfilling, Duskcap which can be a disease risk but require a specified atmosphere and natural slime, and optional Pinchapepper that needs to stay heated. There is some room for potential to add new challenges for farming, thats why I propose the Salad-Rose.

It has a green stalk but red and edible leaves sprouting out of it when ready for harvest. The leaves can be eaten as is and has high food quality, but it is only 1200kcal per leaf-bunch. The growing conditions however is the quirk of this plant, it is between 20-23*C, Atmosphere  got to be exactly Oxygen (Even Carbon Dioxide will wither it, but it wont "Instantly" stop the growth when in contact, but will require filtering), the gas pressure range is between 1500-1800g, and 30kg of water a cycle.

This adds a new challenge to master, keeping the very tight growing conditions with ventilation and appropriate cooling.

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