While chest is open, crafted items auto-stack with matching items in chest

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What happened to this idea? I was just about to make a new thread when I saw this one.I love inventory management games and this one is great. My only gripe is how long it takes to manage the inventory when dealing with chests. I would love to see a sort of "auto-sort" or "auto-populate" option/button for chests. It would be great to dump all of my inventory into a chest, then pull back out what I wanted to use or bring with me. Again, I love inventory management and decisions on what to carry and where to stock stuff, but with all the many items, it becomes a little painful trying to fit everything in an organized fashion and I'm disatisfied with the amount of daylight I burn just physically pointing and clicking to move my inventory around.

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To borrow the method used in minecraft, it wouldn't auto-sort the contents for you, but you could essentially label your chests to describe their contents. This would make it easier to put your lewts in the right chest from the start so it wouldn't need sorting later on.It would be like, "Open Stone Chest"If this was added it might fill the same need. O_o

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