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A collection of the Camp Cuisines.

An updated compilation of all the Camp Cuisines, Re-Lunched has all new original artwork, streamlined scripting (thanks Star) and improved compatability with Waiter 101.  

Trimmed down the spices needed to a single kind, which can still be made in the Refine menu.  Requires 2 seeds.

Added a refine Butter recipe per request on the forums.  Requires 5 butterfly wings.  Also found in the Refine menu.
Added a refine Flour recipe for use with certain baked items.  Requires two seeds and two flower petals.  Found in the Refine menu.
Added a refine Caviar recipe.  Requires 1 Fish.  Found in the Refine menu.

Four new crops added:  apples, potatos, red cabbage and yams, each of which can be used in the crockpot or baked over a campfire.

Edited several recipes to include the new flour item.

Added many new holiday seasons with recipes for each.

Added fruitcake to Midwinter Meal (thanks Spitfyre)

Recipies are as follows:


Banana Creme Pie: bananas x2, butter, spices
Bucket 'o Bat:  batwings x2, lightbulb, spices
Bratwurst:  meat x2, egg bread, spices
Tasty Cake:  flour, egg, butter, spices
Subterranean Stew:  batwing, russet potato, veggie, spices
Cupcave:  lightbulb, flour, spices
Eel Head Soup:  eel, lightbulb, russet potato, spices
'Shroom Sandwich: 2 mushrooms (any type), honey bread, spices
Lasagna:  meat x2, eggplant, spices
Stuffed 'Shrooms:  2 mushrooms (any type), lightbulb, spices
Buttered Corn:  corn, butter, twig, spices
Pumpkin Pie:  pumpkin, butter, spices X2
Kave Kabobs:  monster meat, lightbulb, twig, spices
Veggimeat Stew:  leafy meat x2, filler, spices

New Year's Nosh:

Caviar:  1 Fish, made at the Refine menu
Meat and Cheese Tray:   caviar,  bratwurst,  dairy, spices
Doghnut: flour, petals, honey, spices

A Lucky Lunar Lunch:

Lucky Fish Plate: fish x2, red cabbage, spices
Steamed Dumplings:  fish, red cabbage, flour, spices
Spring Rolls: cabbage, carrot, flour, spices

Romantic Repast:

Sweet Heart:  meat x2, honey, spices
Frosted Cookies:  honey x2, red cap, spices
Berry Parfait:  berries x2, milk, spices

An Egg-cellent Spring:

Candy Bunnyman:  honey x2, berries, spices
Red Egg:  egg,  red cap, twig, spices
Blue Egg:  egg, blue cap, twig, spices
Green Egg:  egg, green cap, twig, spices

Saintly Smorgasboard:

Corned Beef and Cabbage: russet potato, meat, red cabbage, spices
Bangers 'n Mash: mashers, meat x2, spices
Shepherd's Pie: mashers, meat, carrot, spices

A Savory Summer:

Cheeseburger:  honey egg bread, meat, milk, spices
Apple PIe:  apple x2, butter, spices
Chips:  russet potato x2, flour, spices
S'Mores:  flour, honey, twig, spices
Cornbread:  corn, flour, spices x2


Pretzel:  flour x2, butter, spices
Potato Pancakes:  russet potato, apple, butter, spices
Saurkraut:  red cabbage x3, spices

All Hallows Eats:

Candy Apple:  apple, honey, twig, spices
Halloween Candy:  honey, cut lichen, filler, spices
Kandy Korn:  corn, honey, filler, spices
Sugar Skull:  honey, butter, fillers, spices

Thankful Harvest:

Honey Egg Bread:  honey, egg, flour, spices
Faux Turkey:  leafy meat, pomegranate, yam, spices
Mashed Potatos:  russet potato, butter, filler, spice
Stuffing:  honey egg bread, carrot, yam, spices

Midwinter Meal:

Crown Roast:  large meat, russet potato, pomegranate, spices
Figgy Pudding:  berries, egg, butter, spices
Mincemeat Pie:  meat x2, dragonfruit, spices
Candied Yam:  honey, yam, butter, spices
Fruitcake:  tasty cake, seeds, berries, spices

     and a bonus:

Carnival Consumables:

Funnel Cake:  tasty cake, flour, butter, spices
Cotton Candy:  berries, honey, papyrus, spices
Corndog:  monstermeat, corn, papyrus, spices


What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


  • Added new resource: flour
  • Edited several recipes to account for flour
  • Added three new holiday season types with food for each

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Loving this.


So many recipes with butter...so hard to get lol


Raw spices seem a little OP with the health benefit, and a 1:1 conversion. 4.7 hunger for a seed or 9.4 hunger and 10 health when refined to spices.

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Loving this.


So many recipes with butter...so hard to get lol


Raw spices seem a little OP with the health benefit, and a 1:1 conversion. 4.7 hunger for a seed or 9.4 hunger and 10 health when refined to spices.

Hrm, point.  I'll look into this in the next revision, thanks!


I suppose I could create a 'make butter' recipe?

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One thing I've noticed (and this isn't a complaint, just a FYI)...meat dishes in the mod (example Kave kabobs) aren't registering as "meat" food for Wigfrid. So she can't eat them. I'm guessing its a component/attribute of the crockpot recipes, but no idea if its something easy to configure.


I haven't tested them all, but the first couple I tried, she couldn't eat.

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Perhaps you could make the butter cost 5 butterfly wings, because 5 petals = 5 health, but a stick of butter gives 40 health, and since 5 wings give 40 health and butter comes from butterflies, the recipe will make more sense like this. 

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I see you use seeds as ingredients in the crockpot.

Would the following:
-- AddIngredientValues({"seeds", "seeds_cooked"}, {seed=0.5})
cause conflict or problems with your recipes?


I don't think it will since your recipes that use seeds simply check for the existence of the tag, without checking for a value of it.


My logic is that they are about half the calories of a Birchnut, so should be about half the 'seed' value

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Great MOD absolutely love making all sorts of foodies... 

But I would also like to give some feedback.

I would like to make an argument that the cooked food values of apples, yam, potatoe and red cabbage are much too favorable and require some balancing. Roasting apples, yams and potatoe over a (camp) fire adds 20 health gain to the cooked version.

This in turn hurts other recipes, like Mashed potatoes (potatoe, butter, filler, spice) where the values of the individual ingredients cooked separately is more than the value of this final product. (Especially true if you are using (cooked) green mushroom as filler). Bangers and mash becomes is a complete waste of resources. Requiring Mashed potatoes besides another 2x meats (not morsels) and spice for 37,5 hunger, 20 health and 5 sanity.

I absolutely do like the creativity of the recipe!!! You are in effect creating another tier in the recipes but the return values are so economically bad it has to be stated. 

I am working out some ideas on alternative hunger/health/sanity values. Maybe I could send it if I find the time to finish it.

Also I believe your recipes design doesn’t discern between meat values (1,0 and 0,5). Having recipes like Bangers and Mash or Sweet Heart NOT accept 2x morsels or 1x (pig)meat and 1x morsel for meat requirement.

As I was mapping out for myself which values (regarding hunger, health and sanity) all the funny new cuisine returned, I stumbled upon some other issues.

·         Cooked yams, Cooked cabbage, Cooked apple and Cooked potatoe cannot be used in the crockpot for use in other recipes.

·         Using using more than 1x mashed potatoe in the crockpot crashes the game (maybe also true for honey egg bread, haven't tested yet)

·         Final Cuisine Products cannot be given to Pigs (or Bunnymen) but when left on the ground pigs will pick it up and eat them.

·         Caviar doesn’t register as meat or fish. You can make ratatouille with it (requirement no meat) but using caviar with 3x corn doesn’t return Fish Taco’s. While fish taco recipe has priority 10 it returns ratatouille which is priority 0.

This is what I found so far. Hope it helps to make this mod the best one around regarding foodies.

Keep up the excellent Work !!!

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Ok I couldn't resist making suggestions for the food values for your recipes. Because I think your mod is awesome.

I truly believe that with the suggested changes, all recipe are appealing in one way or another. They are balanced in values even when using a Cuisine Recipe (like mashed potatoes or, Honey Egg Bread) for more advanced cuisine recipes.

Not only did I keep an eye on balancing the hunger/health/sanity values with sometimes a trade-off in two categories.
I also suggested changing other parameters (for balancing purposes) like changing the perish time and restrictions e.g. no (monster) meat or no twigs and finally some mandatory (meat) values.

This is because there are 4x recipes that require Meat and which would benefit from allowing different quantities (like 1,5x or just 0,5x Meat) to take into account different meat values and to better fit the recipe balance.

Only at one time (with Pumpkin Pie) did I suggest changing the recipe (more pumpkins) to fit a different value variation/option.

I worked it out with great enthusiasm and respect for your work.

Hope you find it useful, but no hard feelings if you don't use any if it XD

CampCuisine-Re Lunched Values and suggested modifications.xlsx

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