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Hey guys, so this is Lumizze, a character I've been working on for a while.


This is an early design that I'm going to be updating quite often, but let me know what you think and how you like him.

Lumizze, the Rapscallion.


A mischievous, cyclops fox with an eye for adventure. He's got a chipper attitude with the loss of his eye, giving him an edge against the unimaginable. His nimble fingers allow him to deftly steal what others have killed for.

So basically, his special abilities that I'm aiming for in the near future are such:

Pickpocket Glove -

He'll start out with a glove that will allow him to pickpocket various (perhaps random) items from creatures.

Embrace the Night -

He's a thief, and this thief work best at night. During night, he'll have a speed increase as well as a reduced sanity degen.

One-Eye -

With the loss of his eye, he can't really see everything that would normally make his head hurt. He has a reduced sanity degen to most enemies or items that reduce sanity. (By half!)

Note that most of these abilities haven't been added juuust yet, so he's kind of plain at the moment. But yeah, updates are on the way!

What's New in Version 0.2


  • **To Do:
  • - Fix animations
  • - Complete strings
  • - Tune special abilities

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