Wod Renamer 0.1

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About This File

There may be a lot of unforeseen bugs with this. I hope not, but if you want to use it to refactor a previously code-named character, please BACK EVERYTHING UP.

The primary purpose of this tool is to rename all the character identifier WODs and wods in the sample character template to a codename picked by you. This isn't the descriptive name, just the identifier used to reference your character. Occasionally, if you discover your name isn't unique, you may need to use this to alter the internal codename to not interfere with another modder's mod.


1) Download the Sample Character ( I like to use the steam workshop version )

2) rename (or copy-rename) the folder from workshop-169568662 to taste.

3) run WodRenamer

4a) "Open!" the modmain.lua within the previously renamed folder.

4bOi) If you're not refactoring the character detected, and instead refactoring a different prefab: type the prefab's internal name into the lower inputbox.

4bOii) In the case of item, uncheck "character prefab" and check "item prefab"

4bOiii) Click "Override!" (Right side text dump should show what files fit the pattern.)

4c) If it looks like it found the right files, Type the desired codename in the lower input box, and click "Rename!"

Known issues:

Issue that just occurred to me: When using override -> rename WodRenamer won't check the lua files that reference, but don't include the name submitted. I'll have to fix that.

What's New in Version 0.1


  • v0.1
  • - Written in C++.
  • - Rewritten in C#.
  • - Tested on a new download of Sample Character

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