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*** Makes fire and light sources almost infinite-y ***

--- For all those players that like to have some more breath and would like to focus on other aspects of the game ---

*AND* for feeding that little pyromaniac that is within you, so...


It scales up all maximum fueled lightsources durations so that a firepit lasts one season (12 default length days).

Fire is also unaffected by the weather and is more likely to spread.


(all durations take a default in-game day as reference):

- All base and maximum (fueled) durations of fire/light sources have been proportionally scaled up so that a fire pit lasts one season (12 days) if not fueled, and a fire camp half this amount.

- Fire duration is unaffected by the weather, in either negative or positive way.

- There's a 50% and 25% chance of igniting a flammable object when hit by a torch or a lighter. If the object is not hittable or combustible, this has no effect.

- The torch lasts a day and a half.

- The pig torch lasts 7 days.

- The Miner Hat and the Lantern last 7 days.

- The Nightlight lasts 12 days, to a maximum of 48 when fueled (relatively more powerful than before)

- The fueling power of all objects has been scaled up accordingly.

COMPATIBILITY: should work with every mod that doesn't tweak the very same things.

ON REQUEST: additions and tweaks (eg: even longer or shorter times)!

What's New in Version v0.2   See changelog


  • v0.1 first build
  • v0.2 renamed the mod directory to GodlyFire for better usability, added a link back to this page, fixed description

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