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This is a fun little joke-mod that gifts rabbits with the power of persuasion - they're still cowards on their own, but attack one and it'll convince all nearby non-rabbit animals to attack you! Morsel gathering just got a lot harder.


- Rabbits are given a maximum health boost; it now takes several boomerang hits to kill one.

- When attacked, rabbits will persuade any nearby mobs with the 'animal' tag to fight you in their place. Animals without the ability to fight (Birds, other rabbits, etc.) won't attack, however.


No current incompatibilities are known, although anything that modifies rabbit.lua will be incompatible.


None, as far as I know.

What's New in Version 1,0   See changelog


  • V1.0 - Initial Release

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Very nice feature :)


Why thank you :grin: Next plans are to do the same when you check a trap with a rabbit in it, as well.


Why not make it random for the traps ? I mean it wouldn't alert the rest of the animals all the time, otherwise the trap would be useless. Use this kind of condition

if math.random(100) > 50 then

That's a 50/50 chance.

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