Fast Equipment Revamped 1.41

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About This File

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I wanted to have an easier time using my Awesome Machete! mod, so I decided to update the Fast Equipment mod to work with it.

This mod is mostly updated for Hamlet now. Perhaps I'll add more user configuration settings later on as well.
Change Logs
Version 1.41 changelog
  1. Added hover description for the Halberd on Axe category.
  2. Prepped for DST port.
Version 1.4 changelog
  1. Added config option to choose the Halberd to be under the Axe or Weapon category.
  2. Wagstaff exclusive gear has been added to the Light/Helmets category.
Version 1.3.2 changelog
  1. Added Chinese Localization to mod configuration options. Credits to 途安.
Version 1.3.1 changelog
  1. Added a list of canes to be supported for the Walking Cane section. All non-modded canes should be included in the binding now.
  2. Updated the default hotkey binds. Changed Walking Cane names to Canes in the configuration settings.
Version 1.3 changelog
  1. Shears are now added under the Machete category.
  2. Halberds are now added under the Axe category, but it will only show if you do not have a dedicated axe as well. Still figuring out how to have the Halberd show up in the Weapons category if it is not being used for the Axe category.
  3. Any other Weapons, Armors and Helmets are added into their respective categories.
  4. Hambats will always be the Hotkey'd weapon as long as they are in your inventory. This is because Hambats don't have number of uses durability and as such is usually the preferred weapon when fresh. This may become a configurable option later on.
  5. The boat interface should now be working properly. I wasn't aware there were Nautical options in Hamlet, so I had missed that.

This is a minor Hamlet update for the original mod; machetes will now be in the equip bar for Hamlet and RoG - Hamlet compatible worlds.

All credit and rights for the original mod source code go to IceGrog. They are the one who created the majority of the mod; I've only slightly updated it for Hamlet. If they wish for this to be taken down, then I will gladly do so.

Maybe later when I have time, I will add shears and other Hamlet related equipment as well. Still new to DS modding, so it will probably be much later and after I have more Hamlet gameplay experience myself. If someone else wants to improve this mod with those additions, feel free to do so. Just make sure to credit IceGrog and I in the mod.

This is also on the Steam Workshop page.

What's New in Version 1.41   See changelog


Change Logs
Version 1.41 changelog
  1. Added hover description for the Halberd on Axe category.
  2. Prepped for DST port.

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