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This mod adds more icons to the minimap in Don't Starve. It's compatible with mod Koalefanta Proboscidea, which means there are seven icons for koalefants. 
Compatible with Don't Starve, Don't Starve RoG and Don't Starve: Shipwrecked.

Version 1.0:
+ mod release;
+ icons for giants;
+ icons for beefalos;
+ icons for koalefants;
+ icon for rabbit hole;
+ icon for chester eye bone.

Version 2.0:
+ icons for tree guards, spider queen, ancient guardian, warg;
+ icons for bones and skeletons;
+ icon for koalefants tracks;
+ icon for gold rocks.

Version 3.0:
+ icons for volt goats, rock lobster;
+ icons for mushrooms, mandrakes;
+ some icons now look better;
+ icon for Codex umbra.

Version 3.5:
+ icon for moleworm burrow.

Version 4.0:
+ icons for "Things";
+ icon for albino koalefant;
+ icon for mother goat.

Version 5.0:
+ icon for Goose egg;
+ icon for marsh bush;
+ icon for double and triple lightbulb flower.

Version 6.0:
+ Shipwrecked compatibility
+ crabbit dens
+ sandhills
+ packims fishbone
+ doydoys and doydoy babys
+ Shipwrecked "things"
+ tigershark and sharkitten
+ sealnado and seal
+ whales and whale carcases
+ suspicious bubbles
+ dogfish
+ swordfish
+ bioluminescence
+ watery grave
+ fishermerm's hut
+ tumbleweed spawner

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