The Scout (DST) (Daniel's ver.) 1.15.2

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About This File

This mod adds the Scout from Team Fortress 2 into Don't Starve Together.


Valve for the creation of Team Fortress 2 and The Scout
Zuplalex for his damage modifier
Extended Sample Character by Dragon Wolf Leo that I used as a base for all my mods
Thanks "Weeaboo Garbage" for finding spelling errors and providing ideas.


What's New in Version 1.15   See changelog


Sun on a Stick changes:
- No longer sets targets on fire
- Deals an extra 50 damage to targets on fire
- Increased fire and overheat resistance when item is equipped (except for Willow)
Sandman changes:
- No longer spoils, instead is usage based
- No longer provides waterproofing
Atomizer changes:
- No longer lasts forever, now lasts 5 days.
- Now deals 15 damage instead of 30.
Crit-a-Cola changes:
- No longer knocks you (and surrounding mobs) out upon unequip.
- Deal 35% bonus damage instead of 50%
- You also take 35% more damage now.
- Less sanity drain while equipped.
Bat changes:
- Now has 500 uses instead of infinite uses.
- Now deals 25 damage.
Added the Fan O'War.
Made the Boston Boom Bringer less noisy.
The Boston Basher now actually causes bleeding.
Fixed Scout's carol not looping.
Scout automatically equips his hat and bat upon spawning now.
The Holy Mackerel is now slightly thinner so it fits the hand.
The Batter's Helmet now looks less awkward on Scout.
Added Warly examination dialogue for Scout's items.
Adding a few tuning options as well as sorting.

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