The Scout (DST) (Daniel's ver.) 1.15

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About This File

This mod adds the Scout from Team Fortress 2 into Don't Starve Together.


Valve for the creation of Team Fortress 2 and The Scout
Zuplalex for his damage modifier
Extended Sample Character by Dragon Wolf Leo that I used as a base for all my mods
Thanks "Weeaboo Garbage" for finding spelling errors and providing ideas.


What's New in Version 1.14.11   See changelog


Changed the bat to have infinite durability again.
The bat is now craftable, but to combat item pollution it can now be used as fire fuel.
Redone the sprite for the bat and golden frying pan.
Improved the dropped sprite for the boston boom bringer.
Added a 'golden name' for Scout.
Updated mod info and configs.

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