Pouches 0.9-13

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About This File

This mod aims to increase the number of items the character can carry.

The Provide recipe to craft pouches :
- the pouch
It work just like the regular backpack but will go in another equipment slot
- the food pouch
Same as the other one but only takes food
- the mining pouch (disabled by default)
Same as food pouch but only minerals (including gems)

Each of the previous pouch comes in 3 differents size :
- Small (2x2)
- Medium (2x3)
- Large (2x4) which is as much as the regular backpack
The recipes are designed to allow the player to craft the small ones quite early in the game. The Large ones however will require some more advanced materials

The mod also add the Netherweave bag : a backpack of 10 slot

The mod also tweaks the way inventory work allowing picked up goods to be stored / stacked / used automatically in the pouches as it'd in a regular backpack. Even prioritizing storing food and minerals in their respective pouch when possible.

For convenience, the bags recipes are found in the custom craft tab "Bags"

The Perish rate of food and livestock (eg : berries, light bulb) in the food pouch and, because of compatibility reasons,  in icebox can be configured separately.

In order to keep UI clean, only one of the backpacks or pouches can be opened at the same time. However, even when closed, pouches will still work as if they were opened.

In order to improve compatibility with other mods, a lot of option can be enabled/disabled in the game mod's selection

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This mod is not working. There are too many errors. It starts with POUCH_SIZE_MODIFIED not declared in netherweavebag.lua, then POUCH_SIZE not declared in largeminingpouch.lua, etc.

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