shipwrecked's PickyPickyPicky 1.0.2

About This File

This is a shipwrecked compatibilty update of PickyPickyPicky by tehMugwump.

It allows to quick pick pretty much anything pickable, most dug items go direct to inventory.

-- changelog:

Works with shipwrecked
Adds quick pick of water grass, limpet rock, seaweed and boat wrecks.


What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog


-- changelog

Adds quick pick from structures: bee box, farm, improved farm, crock pot, drying rack, glommer's statue and bird tarp
Adds quick pick for: cactus, tumbleweed, cave lichen, cave banana tree, lure plant, light flowers
Adds some missing quick pick for shipwrecked: coffee plant, sea trap and brainy sprout.

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